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Virgin Mobile- What’s New?

Published on April 9, 2013, by + in Blog.

new virgin mobile samsungTo keep more in tune with plans available from competing companies, Virgin Mobile is updating their system to include more data and messaging options for their customers. However, given the upgrades necessary to manage these plans, the types of contracts offered by the company are going to see big changes in 2013.

The biggest changes customers will see revolves around the Registered Payment Vehicle that is used to top up your account. Customers will need to learn how these changes will impact their account in the coming months to make sure that they do not miss the new pay periods.

Changes in Service Offerings

As of December 31, 2012 a number of programs in the Virgin Mobile lineup have been altered or eliminated.

  • The Kickback Bonus Program has been eliminated, but plans to launch an updated version of this program later in the year are underway.
  • Customers may still tip up their phones with a $10 minimum, but the maximum has been updated to $200.
  • Last year customers could not pass a balance threshold of $400, but you will now be able to pass this level. Current limits have not been set yet.

The biggest changes revolve around the service provider. Pay as you go customers will need to update with at least $90 monthly payments to continue their service.

Changes for Pay as You Go Customers

Big changes are in store for people who take part in the pay as you go plans from Virgin Mobile.

  • Those that purchase a plan between May 3 and June 2 will need to purchase an additional message pack on June 3 due to updates to the message pack and data pack add-ons that will take place during this time.
  • Payments of $15 will now only verify your account for 45 days where they previously would have extended your service for 90 days. You will need to pay at least $20 on the Registered Payment Vehicle to extend your service for 90 days.
  • Pay as you go plans will no longer have a cumulative 72-hour period. Now you will need to add a full transaction to your account to extend your service.

Pay as you go customers will not be able to use the Registered Payment Vehicle to pay for any add-on charges like messaging packs or data packs, nor can they use it to pay for their monthly charges when they need to top up their account.

Those currently using this system can now choose to update their account every 90 days or every time their cash balance dips to $5 or less. Current customers with Virgin Mobile will need to continue to note updates to the system as they occur throughout the months of May and June. Knowing the changes will help you plan your mobile expenses ahead of time.

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