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The NEW iPad 5 – Its Coming Soon

Published on May 25, 2013, by + in Blog.

The past two generations of iPads have seen a pretty thick, often cumbersome design that has left many people wondering when Apple will improve upon it by offering a thinner, sleeker iPad model. Well, the consumer’s wishes may be fulfilled with speculation of a thinner and lighter weight iPad 5. It has been rumored that the iPad 5 will incorporate the same design aspects as the iPad mini as well as incorporate some interesting, easy to use updated features. A lot of the speculation regarding the iPad 5 is just that-speculation, but it’s safe to say that certain things such as the lightweight design should be a given. iPads have always been known for their amazing screens, so it’s safe to say that this version will be no different than its predecessors. That being said, a beautiful and high resolution display that’s greater than the last model should be expected.

iPad 5

As for the release date, a lot of people are going with June. There is no hard evidence that that’s when it will actually be released, but it seems to be the most common assumption. Another popular and hopefully true rumor is that the iPad 5 will have wireless charging capabilities. This would make it the first iPad of its kind that’s able to do so and it would be a huge step in the right direction for Apple. Wireless charging is the next big things and if Apple can pull it off by the time the iPad is expected to be released it could mean huge profits. As for the other features to be expected from the iPad 5 there’s a lot of speculation and we don’t like to make grand assumptions. So far, these are the most qualified guesses based off of past trends as well as current expectations.


iPad Screen Repair


The best things about the iPad 5 is that hopefully, as mentioned before, we will see a much more light weight design as well as wireless charging and a beautiful display (as always). There have been a lot of rumors about the size and the color that seem highly unwarranted and should not be taken seriously. It would be unlike the brand to introduce a large number of colors and because Apple sells cases as well it would be counter intuitive to the success of their other product lines. However, that’s not to say that it absolutely won’t happen. This is all mere speculation and nothing will be a given until the actual release of the product. Until then, all we can do is sit back and wait to see what types of surprises Apple has in store for us when it comes to the anticipated iPad 5.

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