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Home Blog The Evolution of Mobile Web Apps: 6 Apps to Change Your Life

The Evolution of Mobile Web Apps: 6 Apps to Change Your Life

Published on December 5, 2012, by + in Blog.

By their very nature, mobile apps are created for progressive scalability. The mobile terrain experiences relentless change with business strategies incorporating apps, the mobile Web and HTML5, and how to utilize these technologies in the best way for consumers. Here are some dynamic apps that are doing just that, with a clear focus on progression and forward momentum.


Evernote’s elephant logo suggests the creature’s memory superiority—a symbolic representation of Evernote’s purpose. The app is a useful tool in digitally extending the memory storage of the mere human mind. Record audio and snap pictures throughout your day to stores on the one-stop informational amalgamation app. Transfer your hoarding tendencies to the digital realm as you compile data from across the web—files, articles, images and everything else that the Internet may offer. Evernote provides a single convenient place that’s accessible from any device. From flight itineraries to doctor appointments, this revolutionary information organizational tool is sure to ease lives of the messy and scatterbrained.


Gather ’round the digital campfire with this app that promotes communication and collaboration, regardless of physical distance. Campfire enables web-based group chat rooms between colleagues, clients or vendors—all password protected, of course. Upload images directly into the chat—GIF, JPG or PNG—to share visual information such as graphs and charts. Campfire compiles a transcript history so that you can read past conversations. Not only does this group chat app support text-based communication, but at any time—with a single click—you have the option invite your chat room to a voice conference call.

Drivetime Autos Car Search

Car dealerships’ former ‘buy here pay here‘ transactions have made way for new, modern buying options. Enter Drivetime Autos Car Search, a free app that’s a digital extension of the popular auto classified magazine. Search for your dream car by make, model, year and maximum price among an array of vehicles. A summary of each car details features, equipment and other minutiae. The Drivetime app takes advantage of maps to find nearby dealerships and contact information for your convenience.


Joining the effort in transferring absolutely every aspect of life into digital space, is Bump. The virtual business card app is useful for all sorts of digital communications including email. The star feature of the app, however, is the ability to “bump” mobile devices—the eponymous “bump” then instantaneously trades virtual business card contact information between parties for a rapid and convenient trade.


Prosper is a crowdfunding app in the vein of Kickstarter. It’s “America’s leading peer-to-peer lending marketplace.” Instead of initiating an embarrassing request for funds from your family and friends, Prosper connects trusted, creditworthy borrowers with investors. Simply create an account and post your loan request. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been invested in budding businesses.


A godsend for small businesses, Square—working in tandem with a credit card swiping device—offers a cheaper alternative to purchasing an expensive credit card processing machine. Simply plug a “swiper” into your headphone jack and boot up the Square app to conveniently maximize sales by adding credit cards thereby eliminating your antiquated “cash only” policy.

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