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I was wondering if touch ipods were apart of your services?


Looking to get my 2 3g iphone screens replaced.


My son who is Jonathans son dropped his new iphone and it cracked the screen. He said you may be able to repair.


Hi Can you jailbreak a iPhone !!!–if yes-what is charge


Need help with my iPhone 3G broken screen


I am now having trouble with the microphone.  I can hear callers but they cannot hear me.  The only way it will work is if I am using it through my car system.


The speaker that you use for phone conversations stopped working yesterday. I do think I dropped it (in Otter Case) before it stopped working. I tried tuning off and rebooting and messing with volume settings. The headset or speakerphone both work. I am past 1 year apple warranty, but am going into the store today for diagnosis and repair estimate. Just wanted to see what you would charge to fix it, it isn’t an emergency, but I’d rather not send it away.


Hi.  Can you replace a cracked screen on an iPad 1?


Can you fix cracked glass on an iPad 2?


Do you have a repair facility in Palm Beach County where I could bring my iPhone 3Gs in and wait while the battery is replaced?  I do not wish to do it myself nor do I wish to be without my phone for one or more days.


I have a Iphone 4 and my home button keeps getting stuck,Is that something that can be fix?and if yes how much would it cost?and a broken screen for itouch ?


I need a replacement for my I phone 4 glass.  Can you help?


Can you convert a black iPhone 4 (AT&T) to white? The front screen is cracked and needs to be replaced, and I would also like the phone converted to white. How much would this cost? Do you come to the Jupiter area, or can I drop off the phone?


I need 2 iphone 4 microphones repaired and 1 iphone 4 no service repaired.  Please give me a ballpark figure to repair all 3. I just found your site or I would have sent 2 more I just sent to Nevada to be repaired. I would rather deal in state though. I also have 2 3gs with bad #3 connectors. I swap parts but


I don’t have the equipment to service logic boards.Do you change dock connectors on ipod touch 4th generation as well? I sell them on Ebay and get alot of them with bad dock connectors.


I have a AT&T iPhone 4g. When I call someone they can’t hear me at all. Their voices are very distorted and I can hardly hear them.


Hi, I was wondering if you can repair my iPad 2.  It has a backlight issue.  I’ve already replaced the 4r7 coil, however, that did not fix the problem.  Do you do ic backlight repairs?


I smashed my I Phone 3G, and it’s in 3 pieces. Can it be repaired, so I wont lose the data I have on it, and how much would this cost?


My iphone 4 is jailbroken. Can you fix the broken ear speaker without restoring it or losing the jailbreak?


AT&T iPhone 4 vibrate switch replacement (stuck in vibrate mode) – how long will it take you from receipt to repair it and get it in Express Mail back to me? Same day?


iPad 2 microphone is dead – is that something you can repair? How much?


I have a 32gig AT&T iPhone 4s that got salt water damage at the beach. I removed the back and removed the battery and rinsed with fresh water. In the process I broke the battery connector off the mother board. How much would y’all charge to repair my phone.


My iPhone 4s (white) has a cracked screen. The back is also cracked. I would like to get both of them fixed. I was hoping I can get get it replaced with another white screen and white back. I would feel more comfortable if I can contact you guys via telephone. I couldn’t find a telephone number on your website so please contact me if you believe you can help me. Thank you :)


I have iPhone 4 has a low ear speaker. I pearly here the caller. So, I am wondering if you can take care of this problem! And how long would take to be done?


My iPhone 4S’s charging dock connection stopped working and after checking the water sensor at the charging dock, I can see that it’s red. I imagine this completely voids my warranty?

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