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Home Blog Repair iPhone 4 Water Damage – Its worth it!

Repair iPhone 4 Water Damage – Its worth it!

Published on February 6, 2013, by + in Blog.

Fix Water Damage iPhoneWe have been getting a lot of calls into the shop lately with people asking if they should repair iPhone 4 water damage. The answer is yes!

For starters you can read this article here

The iPhone 4 is still a good phone, and its not going anywhere for a long time. Yes the iPhone 5 may have a faster processor and larger screen, but the durability of the iPhone 4 and 4s is obvious. These devices are changing the way we live, do business, and socialize. The iPhone 4 is here to stay.

We can repair water damaged iPhone 4 using our iPhone water damage cleaning methods, and iPhone water damage repair cost is lower than you would like. We charge a flat rate for the industries best techniques (See some of our press here) and if your phone needs anything else we heavily discount any of the parts or labor that it may need. On average it costs about $40.00-65.00 to save a water damaged iPhone (unless its a water damaged iPhone 5 – iPhone 5 parts are really expensive right now and there isn’t much we can do).

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