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Pricing FAQ

I took my iphone 3Gs into Apple to determine the problem and they tell me my phone needs the LCD light replaced.  You can barely see the screen but the phone works.  Can you quote me a price to fix?


I have a 3GS with a cracked screen. Is this something you repair and how much and how long ?


Hello, I have a new battery for the unit and would like to have it installed.  What would be the charge and turnaround time if I bring it to you?  Thank you.


Cracked my ipad screen….I am in your area often.  Estimated repair cost?  Does not impact functionality and can’t feel when you run your finger over it.  Runs the entire width in the top 1/3 of screen.  Pic attached.


f a hard table, and now the touch screen is unresponsive. The screen isn’t cracked, just the touch screen isn’t working. How much would a repair cost?


We need the screen replaced on a itouch, 3. What would the replacement cost?


Would you give me price to swap out the battery in my 3G iPhone .

I will provide the new battery

I will also come to you if you like.


What does it cost to repair/replace the screen on 3Gs iphone?


My iphone 3Gs the flex cable that makes the touch screen broke, the screen isn’t cracked or damaged, it’s just the touch screen that doesn’t work. How much would it cost to get that one part fixed?


My wife’s cracked Iphone 4 screen replaced, and wanted to find out what the cost and time frame are.


I broke my iPhone 4 screen and wanted to see how much it would cost


I have an iPhone 3gs that needs a screen replaced.  I have the new screen, what would you charge.


Hello, whats the price on repairing a Iphone 3g screen, i dont think i need the LCD as its not bleeding.


Hi, I found your ad and am inquiring what it would cost to repair my i-touch screen that is cracked?


My son’s iPod touch 3g (8gb) has a broken glass front, but otherwise works fine.  How much would it cost to have you replace the glass?


Hello, I dropped my Iphone recently and the screen is cracked.  I am not eligible for an upgrade until July.  I was wondering what is the lead time and price to fix my screen.


What would be the cost of a 3GS glass replacement and a proximity sensor replacement?


I have a 1 inch crack on the bottom right of my iPhone 4 screen. I live in Jupiter. What is the cost for you to repair it? Thanks


Hi i was seeing if you have a lcd for a iphone 3g in stock and the price hope to hear back from you soon thank you THIS WILL BE A DIY REPAIR


What if i send my iphone in due to water damage but the phone needs additional parts like an LCD screen. how much would i have to pay total?

How much for 4G front glass ?

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