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Motherboard FAQ

Iphone 3 gs motherboard has problems, belongs to my daughter many pictures on it,also other items on it, is it possible to repair?


I have a dead 3gs 32 . the local shop said the motherboard has no power. can you fix it ?


I partially repaired my 2nd generation Ipod Touch, but one of the contacts on the motherboard where I was supposed to solder the replacement battery peeled off, and although it works when plugged in, it will not work portably because the battery is not connected.  How much would you charge to fix?  Has new battery, new digitizer and lcd screen, so it would be a labor-only repair if you could do it.  Thanks

I have an iPhone 4 that looks like it is stuck in recovery mode. It gives an error with number -1 when it wont restore. Is this something that can be repaired without replacing motherboard. Thanks for any info.


i have like 50 motherboards 3g and 3gs

i wonder if i can get special price repairing all these motherboards in bulk

my iphone 3gs motherboard needs repair i would just buy a new one but all my babys pic and videos are on it and it means alot to me


I have a 2 week old iphone 3G 16G that has water damage and I have been told that it needs a new motherboard. Can it be repaired?


Do you offer an iphone4 audio ic reball service and if so how much does it cost?


I am considering your iPhone 3GS coil replacement service. Would like to talk prior to sending the phone in. Please give me a call as soon as you can.


I stupidly managed to knock the cellular antenna inductor off my iphone 4 logic board, then attempted to short the points by soldering them. I can send you a  picture of the remains of the contacts. In your experience, is it possible to scratch though to the copper on the board, and repair the join/replace the inductor?


Can you help me with an problem i have? I need to know what value the R13 on the motherboard on iphone 4S is and the power handling and the tolerance. It would really help me if you could give me this information.


I have here one iphone 4 motherboard with one component that has fall of from board. (white component with 6 pins on the top of the motherboard). Need to be soldered back. Kan you fix it? What will be the price with shipping to Sweden?


I have a water damaged Iphone (in Sweden, so none of the Verizon/AT&T/Sprint) that my repair shop here says is a motherboard problem that they cannot fix. Battery overheats and depletes, then wont take charge anymore. I would like to send it to you if possible? Can you handle international Iphone 4?


What purchase would in need to make in your webshop?


Hi, i have question for you and i really hope you can answer me as fast as possible!

My motherbord is F**k`d up, either the prossesor or the “inter 36my1EF” has a fault, and i need help!

I have an iPhone 4 motherboard that needs the wifi module on the board replaced apparently. In general settings it shows Wifi n/a. Could you tell me how much you guys charge for repair of this issue. Thanks


I am writing from Croatia, Europe. My iphone4 ended up in the water and the motherboard is now destroyed. Is that something you could fix, too? If so, what would be the price?


My wife’s iPhone has been used and abused pretty badly.  I have replaced the screen 3 times, but during the last replacement, I destroyed the pins for the #1 LCD Connector on the motherboard.  I need to have these replaced.  Once this has been replaced I *may* need to have the docking connector replaced as well – it all depends on wether the LCD works or not.  My wife tells me that she has not been able to dock for a while so she has no backup of her contacts or photos.  I am mainly concerned with trying to preserve that info.


dropped my phone in water, fished it out in 4 sec, put in rice for 5days. I charged it, Nov. 24 – Feb. 15.it got warm so I unplugged it and tried to turn it on – nothing. I took it to a repairman, cleaned it, replaced the screen & battery – nothing. He said the motherboard needed replacement. Can u replace the motherboard?


could you do shipping orders and i need my whole motherboard repaird if u can how much. thank you


Hello. Can you all do soldering on the motherboard of an Iphone 4, specifically the battery connector. I need mine replaced and I have found nowhere that actually does motherboard soldering. If you can do this how much would it cost. The part is only about $2.


TO whom it may concern would like to know if the mother broad is still works before you replace the #3 connector replacement for the ribbon and the #1 lcd connector on the mother broad can be replaced on iphone 3gs  and the cost, shipping would be back to canada and where to ship the broad thanks

I am very much interested in your logic board terminal repair. Mine messed up, however it appears that one of the four silver solder pads has become dislodged. Can we continue repairing it. Will you want a photo? At any rate, I look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks.


I am Herman Scott-Dahl, adn I am one of the owner of the comany AppleRep in Norway.


We are having a lot of customers each day, having their iPhones repaired. We also have a lot of people needing motherboard repair, and right now, we have 5 motherboards needing repair. We also have contact with another company having 10-20 motherboards needing repair.


But I need some information first. As I can ship them to you, but I need to know you are really serious, and that we can trust you. As this will be something where we are sending in a lot of motherboards, over long time.

Therefore, I need to know what shipping options you will have back to Norway? And how long time from you recieving it, will it take before it is returned to us in Norway?


My phone is iPhone4 GSM. My front camera haven’t worked since water was leaked inside.

Furthermore, I dropped my phone and the screen is broken, so I tried to replace the screen by myself. After I assembled my phone, everything work perfectly except the screen. The screen has on;y backlight but doesn’t show anything. Can you fix this kind of problems, screen and front camera. I think the problem is about mainboard. Therefore. I want you to fix my phone if you can.

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