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Hanging tough with the Motorola Photon

Published on December 12, 2012, by + in Blog.

For the past 6 months, I’ve been rocking the Motorola Photon on the Sprint NOW network – and loving every minute of it.  I’m not a phone guy, I’m not even really a techie.  I’m a big usability person – features mean nothing for me unless they roll off my finger tips and really integrate into my life.  I like to think of telephony and devices therein as an extension of my life, kind of like a rifle is to a soldier.

I bought the Motorola Photon after having a terrible bout with the HTC Evo – a monster of a phone that had an array of problems from its memory issues to the awkward screen size and shape.  I wanted something that would really help me work faster and more efficiently.  I wanted to be the person while taking a subway ride across town could tear out 5-10 emails, return my texts, and research the next big restaurant in town.  With previous phones I was lucky if I could figure out if I was using an app or changing my settings or at my homescreen.

The Motorola Photon does a remarkable job of integrating Androids operating system into its well-crafted chassis.  Upon unboxing, I saw something that kind of frightened me: a phone that looked a little beyond my knowledge level.  Once I booted it up I became a little more comfortable – I saw some icons that I was a little more familiar with:

  • Gmail
  • Skype
  • Instant Messenger
  • Phone
  • Text

It just made sense.  Every button I clicked told me what I was doing and where do go.  There were no “dead ends” and nothing was unexplainable. There was no lag and there was no sudden closing or crashing of any programs.

Settings were very easy to change – there is a very simple settings menu that again: tells you where you are at, and tells you what you can do next.  It has some really nice features such as vibrate with sound, and even change the way that the phone pulsates during the vibration…cool!

I had to equip myself with an aftermarket case for this phone, being that I tend to drop anything that I hold in my hand for more than 30 seconds.  I chose to take home the Otterbox Commuter series case for the Motorola Photon.  This was a really cool case that matched my car very well.  I chose not to go with the more upscale series: the Defender which looked more like a tank then a phone case.  I tried that baby on one time and knew that it would have a tough time fitting into my baggiest of khakis.  It was a good fit and it serves me well.  I’ve dropped my phone several times and onto several different surfaces and not even a scratch on the phone or on the case.

Very happy and honored to be asked by you guys to review this phone.  It has been a blast to use and look forward to reading your blog for a long time! (Motorola Photon review written by Dr. Jack SchwartzNYC Dental Associates )

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