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General FAQ


Q: Do you guys only fix 3g’s? not the 4g?


 A: We specialize in repairing all models of the iPhone. From the iPhone 3g all the way to the iPhone 5 we also specialize in fixing broken iPads, or iTouch’s.


Q: I broke my screen over the weekend. I was hoping you could help me out with fixing it.


 A: Of course we can help you, thats what we do best. We have several iPhone repair options that relate to screen replacements. You can choose to ship it into us for a repair, or you can choose to do the repair yourself buy purchasing a screen from us. You can buy iPhone parts under our “buy parts tab” or select to ship it in under our iPhone repair tab.


Q: Yesterday, the touch screen on my phone was not working right, and then the screen went white.  No images, just snowy appearance.  Is there a fix for this?  I tried restoring it, and it did nothing.


A: There is always a fix! This usually means the LCD has gone bad behind the glass. This repair has a medium level of difficulty, but you can find the parts for this repair under the “buy parts” tab. You can buy iPhone parts under our “buy parts tab” or select to ship it in under our iPhone repair tab.


Q: Do you have any special rates or do you offer discounts to first time customers?


A:Yes we offer discounts! 2012repair is the code used for 5% discount!


Q: I was using my phone earlier on the headphones and now my ringer says : Ringer (Headphones) but I can hear it ring without the headphones. But can’t hear anyone talk… :(


A: We would suggest a headphone jack replacement should solve your problems!


Q: Have 2 iPhone’s that need fixing


A: OK cool! That’s what we do. We can fix them! :)


Q: I can’t get my iPhone 4 to charge this morning


A: It could be a variety of things, we suggest that you send it in for a diagnostic option so we can take a closer look at it.


Q: Do you fix Ipods


A: It depends on which one you have. We can definite fix all models of the iTouch and most of the other models. If you are not sure what model you have then you can click here for some help.


Q: I have an iphone4 with a cracked screen.  I am located in Wellington,FL right near the Wellington Mall.  Can you come to fix it?  Can you do it for $100?


A: I am sorry to say that we do not offer the mobile service anymore, and honestly its better for you to have your phone serviced at a physical location. There are so many things that can go wrong with mobile repairs, trust us, we have been there and we do not want you’re phone to get messed up. You can find directions to our shop by clicking here and a price for that repair here. (The cost of repair on that phone is usually less that $100.00)


Q: My wife spilled water of her MacBookPro. You have a store in Palm Beach Gardens; I do not know where it is. We live in Boca-Can I bring the machine in to you?


A: Sure you can bring it to us, we love to have walk-in traffic. If you decide you want to mail it into us you can do that as well, that is a pretty common method of travel for water damaged iPhones. Directions to our store here and information on our water damage cleaning service here.


Q: Hello my iPhone 4 will not charge and is also stuck in a boot loop. I cannot even attempt to fix the boot loop problem because I cannot get the phone to charge. I did replace the battery and the dock connector in hopes that would solve the problem but it did not. I’m kind of assuming that the battery connector has gone bad at some point. Also before the phone got stuck in a boot loop it was on the iTunes emergency only screen but it had the IMEI and ICCID as unknown. I have read online that might be a problem with the communications board. Are these problems going to be able to be easily fixed at a decent price or would a new phone be more cost effective.


A: That is a very good question lol. Well, its hard to say what the exact problem could be. It sounds like to me that the phone may have been water damaged? We have seen a lot of water damaged phones that display similar problems, one of our water damage cleanings could possible fix it. Let us know if you would like to send it in, we can give you the correct mail in option via email.


Q: I have not been able to receive a network signal. WiFi works fine. I originally thought it was the SIM Card but I tried it in another phone and it worked fine. Any ideas what may be causing this?


A: The antenna in your device is likely bad. We have several antenna replacement options in our site. If it turns out that its something else we will apply the cost of that repair to what ever it does need.


Q: Hello I noticed that your area code is Palm Beach. I live in Miami. I was wondering if I could drive up there and walk in to do an ear speaker replacement? That way I only have a few hours down time on my phone.


A: We can defiantly accommodate you, comeon by. Directions to our office on this page.


Q: Hello, I have bought a replacement full screen assembly and then when I come to replace it the screen will not display anything at all. All three connectors are securely in place, but still nothing. The phone can be recognized in iTunes and sounds can be heard when the charger is inserted. Any ideas?


A: If its an iPhone 3g or iPhone 3gs model then it is pretty common for that to happen after a screen replacement. If that is the case, simply press the power button and home button at the same time, hold them both in until the phone turns off, continue to hold them until the Apple logo reappears. That is what we call a hard reset. For some reason this is needed after a majority of iPhone 3g/3gs screen replacements. If its an iPhone 4 or 4s you need to send it into us for a diagnostic check, sounds like you may a problem on your hands if its a newer model.


Q: When I purchase a repair option, do I provide shipping? I’m asking because I have a flat-rate box(USPS).


A: Yes you are responsible for shipping it into us. We will ship the device back per your specifications selected prior to checkout.


Q: I am from Pennsauken, New Jersey and I have 2 iPhone 3GS’s that I have broke the #3 connectors on and I would like to have them both repaired. I have never sent out anything for repairs before so I was wondering if you could step me through the process.


A: Find the repair options that you need. In this case they would be under the Motherboard tab on our homepage. Add 2 of those repairs to the shopping cart, select your return shipping option, and checkout. After checkout our system will generate an invoice the shipping address your phone needs. From that point you simply ship it in, and we take care of the rest.


Q: I have a 3GS, and there is no sound when ringing or playing music.   There is sound via headphones.  I have tried cleaning the headphone receptacle and putting the plug in and out multiple times but this does not help.  Is this indicative of a speaker failure ?  If so do you have speakers for sale ?


A: We do sell speakers. The ear speaker and the loudspeaker are two different parts, Im think that the headphone jack may be bad. Sometimes the headphone jack will malfunction and the phone with think that a headset is plugged in when there is no headset, thus disabling the two speakers on the device. I would start with checking the headphone jack out by replacing it with a new one. If that doesn’t work you can always send it into us for a closer look.


Q: I was hoping you could give me some advice regards the repair of my phone.  Originally there was no sound during playback or when it was ringing.  I replaced the docking module, this resulted in sound but it is only just audible when the speakers are pressed up against the ear.  Would you have any suggesstions as to the issue this phone has ?


A: Sounds like the same as the question above. I would check there first.


Q: I have an Iphone4 for my son with a broken battery connector. I took it to couple of local shops and they were not able to fix. Is it possible to have it examined and see if it can be salvaged.


A:Yes we can fix that. Its one of our most common repairs. Just order the battery connector repair and we will take care of the rest.


Q: I recently dropped my iPhone and my phone was acting weird so I tried restoreing my iPhone but now it’s caught in a sort of loop were it won’t finish restoring and powering back on and off is there any way your services can fix this.


A: Software issues can be tricky. I would hit the support forum on the Apple website to see if your problem can be answered there.


Q: Theres a Youtube video where you showed how to replace an earpiece speaker for an iphone 4.  I’ve been looking everywhere for that 3-prong pry tool you use in the video but I’ve had no luck finding it.  Would you mind telling me where yours came from?


A: The three prong tool is not a crucial part of the repair, and plastic pry tool will do.


Q: How do I get you my device for repair?  Is there an address that I send the device to for service or specific instructions I will be receiving?


A: You will get shipping instructions after checkout. Once you purchase the repair option that you need an invoice with the appropriate information will be delivered to the email address that you provide us.


Q: Well I dont know what the problem but when I select the front camera it gets stuck on the shutter and also my speaker doesnt work when im on a phone call the mic works also does the 30- pin dock .. but when im on speaker on the phone call people cant hear me why can be the problem????


A: Im not sure what the exact problem is. Was the phone water damaged? In situations like this we are always going to direct you to our diagnostic service, we can usually fix whatever the problem is, but we usually need to get our eyes on it to do so. Please send it in so we can take a look.


Q: I have an iphone4 giving me problems when I put in on charge. I tried multiple charging usg cords but they all give the same result. I get a message “charging is not supported with this accessory” message. Google fix tells me I may need a new charging dock. Can you supply me with this also the tool kit to replace also. From your experience, is this what I need? I tried cleaning the dock connector also but still the same.


A: We do sell that part on our site. You can find it under the buy parts section. We also include a tool ket free of charge, so you will have everything you need to get the job done. You can find a youtube video of Hayden doing that repair here.


Q: Is is possible to pay for the LCD Connector repair only and then, check the dock connector to see if the phone is worth saving?


A: Yes we can check to see if the dock connector can be fixed before we charge you for the LCD connector repair. Simply select a Motherboard Soldering Diagnostic option, from there we will preform the necessary diagnostics prior to soldering.



Q: I have a water damaged iPhone 3g and was wondering where in Delaware are you located so that I can get it repaired.


A: For Delaware iPhone repairs we would need you to ship your device in. We currently do not have a walk-in location in Delaware yet.


Q: How much for 4G front glass ? How can I order for DIY.

A: You can find all of the iPhone parts that we feel under the “Buy Parts” section of our homepage. Once you complete checkout we will get that item shipped out to you.


Q: Do you offer walk-ins during the week?

A: Yes


Q: I have a I have a iPhone4 that had water damage and everything works but it won’t charge and keeps shutting off  I was told it could be the vcc fuse. I bought it but am afraid to install it my self  do you guys do this work and do you even think this is my problem i also replaced the battery  please help.


A: Well water damage can mean a lot of things. We have a water damage cleaning service that you should try first, in the event that your device needs motherboard soldering, we can likely handle whatever it needs.


Q: Hey I have an iPhone 3GS that needs to be looked at. I don’t know what’s wrong it. The screen stays white all the time and my itunes won’t recognize it when I plug it into my computer. I think it may have been damaged from having been dropped a couple of times. Should I just send you guys the phone for you to take a look at it and fix whatever needs to be fixed? Thanks in advance for your time.


A: Yes we can help with that. Is sounds like you need an LCD replacement and that you have a loose connection inside where the dock connector sits on the motherboard. All of which we can fix for you, send it in for a diagnostic option and we will take a look at it.


Q: Does it matter if my iPhone isn’t a Verizon/Sprint or AT&T phone? It’s used on the Rogers Canada network. I Believe it’s GSM.


A: No it does not matter.


Q: Does shipping from Montreal, Quebec, Canada cause a problem?


A: Nope, not at all. We get orders from international locations all the time.


Q: If both components (dock + loud speaker) turn out to be broken, would I be able to get a package deal since you’ll already be opening up the phone?


A: Yes we discount multiple repairs, so you’re covered on that!


Q: I just got a water damaged iphone from a friend. I opened it and cleaned with alcohol and dried it. When I connected it to itunes it showed up. I restored but the screen still didn’t turn on but I know the power button was working based on the connect/disconnect from the computer and the vibrate switch was working too. So from what I understand the iphone works just the display doesn’t. My question is the following, is the problem in the digitizer itself or there can also be a problem with the motherboard?


A: It could be a problem with the display screen or the motherboard. If replacing the display doesn’t work, we can test the coils inside to find out which one is bad and resolder them. This is a pretty common repair for us, so I would say that we can save it for you!


Q: I live in florida and wanted to drop my iphone off to you can i do that?


A: Sure, come on by our office. We are open Monday-Saturday 10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.


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