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Home Blog Finally building up iPhone 5 repair services

Finally building up iPhone 5 repair services

Published on January 12, 2013, by + in Blog.

iPhone 5You all well know by now that iPhone 5 usage is in full swing. The device is flying off of the shelves and is (as always with Apple products) being manufactured as fast as humanly possible due to the high demand. 

One of the services that has been really poplar are the iPhone 5 water damage cleanings and we have done a pretty good job at getting those wet iPhone 5 devices repaired in spite of the current parts availability situation. One thing that we have not been offering is iPhone 5 glass replacement services due to the fact that the material is so expensive. We had that repair listed on our site for 349.99 as a preorder and only received a few orders for it last month. It may look like we were raking in a huge profit on that repair, but I can promise you that its not as much as you think.

Well guys we have good news!

We have knocked $100.00 off of that price. We found a supplier in the states that offers us quality iPhone 5 parts at a price that will allow us to give you a cheaper glass repair. We want to give you the biggest bang for your buck, so it pleases us when price drops like this happen. 

If you have a broken iPhone 5 screenwe can most defiantly help with that. Visit our homepage and click the iPhone repair tab to get started. And as always, our screen replacement services have a 24 hour fixed and shipped back guarantee or your money back! We have also hooked up with a designer with some hot iPhone 5 wallpapers, be sure to check them out. 



For iPhone 5 Repair Click here

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