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Everything You Need to Know About WhatsApp

Published on September 17, 2012, by + in Blog.

WhatsApp is a popular cross-platform messaging app. With WhatsApp, users can talk to friends who use BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Windows, and other types of mobile operating systems. Messages are delivered instantly, and users can see when friends have read their messages.

WhatsApp’s userbase is growing every day, and millions of people have already installed the app. Some say that WhatsApp “has done to SMS on mobile phones what Skype did to international calling on landlines.” But should you install WhatsApp? Here is everything you need to know about the world’s most popular cross-platform mobile messenger.

How many people use WhatsApp?

Chat apps are only fun if they have lots of members. Otherwise, your contact list is going to look sad and lonely? Thankfully, WhatsApp is by far the most popular mobile chatting app in the world. The Android version of WhatsApp has been downloaded over 1.2 million times, and WhatsApp reportedly handles billions of messages on a daily basis.

Since WhatsApp is still a relatively new application, its userbase continues to grow. You might not have recognized the name “WhatsApp” one year ago, but today, it’s becoming more and more well-known.

How much does WhatsApp cost?

WhatsApp for iOS costs $0.99. Fortunately, the iOS version of WhatsApp is free, at least for the first year. If you like the app after your year-long trial period is up, you can pay the $0.99 fee to have lifetime access.

Advantages of WhatsApp

Group chats: Group chats are one of the most popular features of WhatsApp. Users can talk to up to ten of their friends at a single time. Whether you’re planning a night out on the town or just connecting with a group of your buddies, the group chat feature is popular and unique.

Send attachments: Sure, you can send pictures and video through a regular text message. But with WhatsApp, you can avoid the hefty costs of sending these files through SMS. WhatsApp also allows users to send audio recordings and other files to contacts.

Avoid texting charges: Some mobile service providers charge up to $20 in order to add unlimited text messaging to a plan. WhatsApp allows you to use your phone’s data to send and receive messages. Since text messages represent a very small amount of data, WhatsApp can help save quite a bit of money on your monthly phone bill.

See when your friends have read your messages: BlackBerry OS, in spite of all its faults, featured one of the most popular chat applications in recent years – BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). One of the innovative features in BBM was the ability to see when your messages had been sent, read, and delivered. Every time you sent a message to a friend, a small letter would pop up beside that message. The letter ‘D’ would indicate the message had been delivered, while an ‘R’ would indicate the message had been read. WhatsApp uses the same system.

Find friends automatically: If any of your friends are already using WhatsApp, you’ll know. After asking for your permission, WhatsApp will scan your phone looking for contacts. WhatsApp is connected to your phone number, which means finding your friends is as easy as possible.

How to download WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp can be downloaded for all of the following types of phones:

-Windows Phone

To download WhatsApp for any type of phone, visit the official WhatsApp website.

After downloading and installing the app, users can run it once in order to find friends who are WhatsApp contacts. WhatsApp will scan through your contact list to determine if anybody else is a WhatsApp user. With millions of people having already signed up for WhatsApp, you shouldn’t have trouble finding at least a few friends to chat with.

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