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Home Blog Better (The MVB-500 Biometric) Safe Than Sorry

Better (The MVB-500 Biometric) Safe Than Sorry

Published on November 2, 2012, by + in Blog.

Bio-Metric SafeEver since I was a kid I’ve been an avid gun enthusiast. And when I got older that interest only got stronger.  I have a handgun that I like to use at the firing range and I’ve even taken a couple of lessons over the years to learn how to shoot. I also like the fact that I have something in the house for protection. If anyone should try to rob us they’re in for an unpleasant surprise.

But now “us” has grown to three.  My wife Jess and I decided to start a family almost two years ago and Brittany is the result…and, basically, the new head of the household.  She’s a ball of energy and went from crawling to walking before we knew it, and she’s got the curiosity and intelligence in spades. Which is awesome, but she gets into absolutely everything.  With the handgun aroun

d the house I was realizing that “security by obscurity” wasn’t going to cut it much longer.

Anyway, I’d been keeping my pistol in the closet where she can’t reach it, but she’s growing so fast that it won’t be long before she can start to really explore.   And I also wasn’t willing to get rid of the gun, because I consider it part of keeping her safe.

So a few weeks ago I started looking for a way to safely store the gun in our master bedroom. I began surfing the web for safes, but the problem with most safes is that they have the old-school rotary locks.  If I need the gun in an emergency there’s no way I’m going to be able to open that thing quickly or without turning on the lights. I was getting a little frustrated when I came across Dean Safe’s website (http://www.deansafe.com).   They had a big selection of handgun safes that could work for next to my bed (or even under it.)  

I decided to treat myself to a “biometric safe”.  These are a bit more expensive, but the technology definitely appeals to my inner geek. And the fact that it’ll let me grab my gun in complete darkness, giving me the drop on any unexpected visitor? That makes my inner redneck all tingly inside. 

“Biometric” is a ten-dollar word that just means it’s tuned to some aspect of your body (and your body alone.)  So a “biometric safe” is one that opens only for your fingerprint. Though the one I got, a MicroBioVault MVB-500 by Gunvault, lets me authorize up to 120 prints.

I gave my wife access, of course. And while it’s a nice thought that I’ll  wind up with 118 friends that I’d trust with my life, I’m not holding my breath.

So If you’re a handgun enthusiast but you have kids around the house I can’t recommend Dean Safe and the MVB-500
biometric safe enough.  Great service and a product whose technology could please any geek, but that looks good enough on the night table that your wife won’t banish it. Dean Safe turned out to be a solid company.  They shipped my unit same day, and the safe was on my doorstep in no time.  The MVB-500 is pretty neat, like something out of a spy movie.  Opening it is an absolute cinch because all I do is put my hand on the lid, rest my index finger on the sensor and it pops opens instantly, even in pitch black. Very cool.

That’s what I call win-win.


This post was written by a good friend of ours, Richard Morrison. Richard is a dedicated father and husband who also does some freelance writing for Karma Snack. Great post Rich! Thanks!

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