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Tablet and smartphone traffic kicking butt!

Published on March 18, 2013, by + in Blog.

Tablet and smartphone traffic is growing exponentially. Check out what Adobe Digital Index recently reported below:

Tablet growth

After ana­lyz­ing more than 100 bil­lion vis­its to 1000+ web­sites world-wide, Adobe Dig­i­tal Index has dis­cov­ered that global web­sites are now get­ting more traf­fic from tablets than smart­phones, 8% and 7% of monthly page views respec­tively. Pretty impres­sive for a device cat­e­gory that was intro­duced less than three years ago!

We’ve been keep­ing a close eye on how quickly tablets have taken off. Just a year ago in Jan­u­ary we uncov­ered that vis­i­tors using tablets spend 54% more per online order than their coun­ter­parts on smart­phones, and 19% more than desktop/laptop users. Dur­ing the past hol­i­day shop­ping sea­son we saw that 13.5% of all online sales were trans­acted via tablets. And last month before the Super Bowl we learned that online view­er­ship via tablets dou­bles dur­ing big sport­ing events. Now we know that not only is tablet traf­fic more valu­able in terms of ecom­merce and engage­ment, tablets have also become the pri­mary device for mobile browsing.

Tablet traffic

Cnet had a little something to say about Adobes Digital Index:

The numbers are out — people increasingly prefer to browse the Internet on tablets rather than smartphones.

Adobe released its latest Digital Index today and discovered that for the first time ever worldwide tablet traffic has surpassed smartphone traffic. Tablets now drive 8 percent of all Internet traffic, while smartphones generate 7 percent.

“We’ve been keeping a close eye on how quickly tablets have taken off,” manager and primary analyst working on Adobe Digital Index Tyler White wrote in a blog post today. “Smartphones remain much more common, but the tablet form factor makes it ideal for browsing. Whether it be leisurely surfing the Web, engaging with video, or shopping online, on average internet users view 70 percent more pages per visit when browsing with a tablet compared to a smartphone.”


To get these numbers Adobe tracked 100 billion visits to more than 1000 Web sites worldwide since June 2007. While both smartphone and tablet traffic are on the rise, global desktop Web traffic is still king — driving 84 percent of all online use.

What’s interesting about tablet traffic taking off is that the devices are fairly new on the scene. Adobe only added them to its category list three years ago and the first Apple iPad was introduced in 2010, while the first Kindle Fire was released in 2011.

Of the countries Adobe surveyed — U.K, U.S., China, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, and Germany — the U.K. has been the quickest adopter of tablet use for the Web. Users in Japan and China still prefer to surf on their smartphones.

Despite slower adoption in some countries, Adobe found that all countries saw tablet traffic double in the past year. And, the company expects these figures to just keep growing in the years to come.

Source: Cnet (http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57573182-94/tablets-surpass-smartphones-in-driving-global-web-traffic/)

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