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Bigger is better … right?

Published on January 27, 2014, by + in Blog.

That’s what Apple is thinking.  With growing competition from it’s rivals that offer smartphones with bigger screens, Apple planning bigger displays on a pair of iPhones slated for release this year.

It’s rumoured that Apple plans an iPhone model with a screen larger than 4½ inches measured diagonally, and a second version with a display bigger than 5 inches. Until now, Apple’s largest phone has been the 4-inch display on the iPhone 5.  Clearly, Apple is looking forward to the “bigger picture.”

Both models are expected to feature metal casings similar tothe Iphone 5S with Apple expected to do away with the plastic exterior used in the iPhone 5C.  The phones, expected in the second half, won’t include a curved display, a feature recently introduced by rivals including Samsung Electronics. They cautioned that Apple’s plans weren’t final and that the company could change course.

The smaller of the two models is further along in development, and is being prepared for mass production.  The larger-screen version is still in its infancy.  Apple declined to comment.

The big plans for larger iPhones come at an pivotal time when Apple is losing market share to rivals who offer bigger screens. Those models have become more desirable as consumers us their phones to play games, watch video or movies, skype, and of course surf the Web.  Samsung’s 5-inch Galaxy S4 and 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 are some of its best-selling units. 

Larger screens are particularly popular in China, an important market for Apple’s growth, where Chinese manufacturers offer smartphones with larger screens at a lower price than the iPhone. Apple this month started offering iPhones through the country’s largest carrier, China Mobile Ltd.

Apple definitely needs a larger-screen smartphone soon, particularly to address the demand in the emerging markets,” said Canalys analyst Jessica Kwee. Canalys estimated that nearly one-fourth of smartphones shipped worldwide in the third quarter, about 60 million phones, had displays that were 5 inches or larger.  Apple last changed the display size of the iPhone in 2012, increasing it to 4 inches from 3½ inches. Apple has been widely expected to increase the screen size of its iPhone in future releases. The Wall Street Journal reported in July that Apple was testing larger screens for its smartphones and tablets. Bloomberg News reported in November that Apple was developing new iPhones with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays that curve downward at the edges.  Alot of change happening…and we all know, change is sometimes very good.


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    The NEW iPad 5 – Its Coming Soon

    Published on May 25, 2013, by + in Blog.

    The past two generations of iPads have seen a pretty thick, often cumbersome design that has left many people wondering when Apple will improve upon it by offering a thinner, sleeker iPad model. Well, the consumer’s wishes may be fulfilled with speculation of a thinner and lighter weight iPad 5. It has been rumored that the iPad 5 will incorporate the same design aspects as the iPad mini as well as incorporate some interesting, easy to use updated features. A lot of the speculation regarding the iPad 5 is just that-speculation, but it’s safe to say that certain things such as the lightweight design should be a given. iPads have always been known for their amazing screens, so it’s safe to say that this version will be no different than its predecessors. That being said, a beautiful and high resolution display that’s greater than the last model should be expected.

    iPad 5

    As for the release date, a lot of people are going with June. There is no hard evidence that that’s when it will actually be released, but it seems to be the most common assumption. Another popular and hopefully true rumor is that the iPad 5 will have wireless charging capabilities. This would make it the first iPad of its kind that’s able to do so and it would be a huge step in the right direction for Apple. Wireless charging is the next big things and if Apple can pull it off by the time the iPad is expected to be released it could mean huge profits. As for the other features to be expected from the iPad 5 there’s a lot of speculation and we don’t like to make grand assumptions. So far, these are the most qualified guesses based off of past trends as well as current expectations.


    iPad Screen Repair


    The best things about the iPad 5 is that hopefully, as mentioned before, we will see a much more light weight design as well as wireless charging and a beautiful display (as always). There have been a lot of rumors about the size and the color that seem highly unwarranted and should not be taken seriously. It would be unlike the brand to introduce a large number of colors and because Apple sells cases as well it would be counter intuitive to the success of their other product lines. However, that’s not to say that it absolutely won’t happen. This is all mere speculation and nothing will be a given until the actual release of the product. Until then, all we can do is sit back and wait to see what types of surprises Apple has in store for us when it comes to the anticipated iPad 5.

    This post was brought to you by iPhoneRepair4Less in Lafayette LA

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      PDI2000 – A Semiconductor Sourcing Giant

      Published on May 1, 2013, by + in Blog.

      Since we are big in iPhone motherboard repair I thought we would do a post on a friend of ours that works in the semiconductor component sourcing industry.

      PDI 2000 is a local semiconductor company based in Woburn Massachusetts.  PDI offers a multitude of services, including:

      • Content programming – They have the ability to handle basically every programmable device

      • Product Sourcing – They’ve been in the industry long enough that they’ve made relationships with hundreds of different companies, and can source products from a number of channels that are generally closed to the general public.

      • Tape and Reel – PDI employs “Peel Force” testing as well as reel to reel to assure accuracy and efficacy.

      • Duplication and Replication – PDI handles everything to labeling, packaging, and duplication of almost all ISO’s including CDROM, DVD and floppy disk.


      PDI is a member of the ERAI – (Electronic Resellers Association of America) which is a standardizations board in the community.  PDI works with a number of major government and military contractors, and is able to handle bulk reconditioning of flash devices as well as a number of other services.

      PDI is currently seeking skilled workers to work in their office in Massachusetts.  PDI is a great place to work, has a relaxed environment , and will surely help any individual who is looking to further their own skill sets.

      One of PDI’s main services is their Interactive Component Search engine.  This allows customers and contractors to generate a RFQ in live mode, which is then forwarded to PDI’s sales department or available for checkout on the website. If you are looking for any sort of part, PDI offers a searchable interface conveniently located on their website.    You can search for parts in a number of ways:

      • By part number

      • Keyword

      • Phrase

      • or Combination of both

      PDI’s advanced web crawler will search their database of thousands of parts, and return relevant part numbers.

      From there, it’s easy to check out and have your part delivered.  Simply add your selection to the cart, and check out using any major credit card.

      PDI has met a number of milestones over the past 25-30 years.  In APril of 2003, they announced their acquisition of Pioneer Standards NE Service Station.  This was a huge deal, and allowed the company to increase their overall production as well as output services for reel and tape services.

      In 2012, PDI hired an independent quality assurance consultant to oversee procedures and document/version control.  This not only helped improve the overall standardization of the procedures and services provided by PDI, but it renewed their overall commitment to standards, ethics, and ISO compliance.


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        Speculating on the iPhone 6

        Published on April 12, 2013, by + in Blog.

        With the quick pace of Apple technology, people are already talking about what could be included in the iPhone 6. While Apple has not yet confirmed any new technology for the upcoming iPhone versions, a few acquisitions by the Apple team are hinting at a host of probable changes in the yet-to-be launched iPhone.

        What is the iPhone 6 going to look like


        In general, new iPhones will include upgrades that will build on the technology showcased in the earlier versions. Rumor has it that more apps will be available with the new phone and the basic functions will be upgraded to manage growing data demands more effectively.

        Light-Field Camera

        Enthusiastic reporters have claimed that this camera could change photography forever.

        • This camera uses a group of micro-lenses to catch a 4D light field from the frame you are photographing.
        • You will be able to capture the field of light in every direction with one quick snap.
        • A light field camera will be able to take pictures a lot faster than traditional pictures and refocus them instantly after they have been taken.

        Two CEOs from Apple have confirmed that they have been working on light-field cameras and are excited to incorporate these into the new iPhones. Talks are in process with Lytro to produce cameras compatible with Apple products.

        Near Field Communication

        Near field communication or NFC allows for wireless communication between phones and other devices.

        • Apple is currently working with Authen Tec to create fingerprint sensors to incorporate NFC wallet transactions with increased security.
        • NXP Semiconductors is also being contacted to start manufacturing the necessary chips to get this mobile technology up and running.

        NFC technology is already being harnessed to manage wallet transactions in Japanese phones. In fact, the original plans called for these chips to be included in the iPhone 5 but the acquisition of Authen Tech was delayed, forcing Apple to wait for the newer models to get this technology up and running.

        iPhone Repair

        Silicon Nanowire Battery

        As has been the trend for iPhones in the past, the i6 is almost guaranteed to see an improvement in battery technology.

        • Silicon nanowire technology is currently being developed at Stanford University that would be able to hold a charge ten times the size of a lithium-ion battery.
        • Apple is suggesting they may be able to promise as much as 100 hours video playback, 80 hours talk time and 2225 hours of battery life with this new technology.

        Current estimates in the development process suggest that silicon nanowire batteries will not be available for mass production in time for the iPhone 5S. Apple is currently hoping to include an early version of this technology with the iPhone 6– with a full-fledged version of the battery guaranteed in the iPhone 7.

        Currently, most predictions for the iPhone 6 have little grounding, so it will take a bit of time before Apple chooses to clear up the truth behind the raging speculations. We all have our eyes on it!

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          iPhone Repair – What to watch out for!

          Published on April 11, 2013, by + in Blog.

          Repairs for your iPhone can be expensive. People might be tempted to make repairs themselves, especially if their warranty has already expired. This can be easy to manage if you take the time to learn about the job before you get started.

          There are two rules you need to keep in mind before you start making repairs on your phone. You need to make sure you have high quality replacement parts at your disposal and you take your time while finishing the job.

          The more effort you put into preparing for the repair, the more likely it is that you will be able to finish the job successfully, without the risk of causing additional damage to the phone.

          What to watch out for when fixing your iPhone


          Dealing with a Broken Screen

          Most repairs on an iPhone are often the result of errors with the screen, so it’s important to make sure you know how to handle these issues.

          • Don’t buy any models that do not have a digitizer and LCD full assembly. These will not work with any models beyond the i4 because the digitizer in these models is fused to the glass and cannot be separated.
          • Don’t buy a part until you are absolutely sure you have parts that are intended for the iPhone model you own.
          • Don’t count on sellers that claim they are selling OEM parts unless they can back up these claims. Many users are lying about their access to OEM parts so they can charge their customers more.
          • Don’t purchase used or refurbished parts for a repair. You cannot guarantee the quality of these parts and it can be difficult to get a refund on a refurbished part.

          Do make sure you purchase your parts from a dealer in your country. This will avoid translation errors and make it easier for you to return the parts if you need to. Also make sure to double check the seller’s reputation before making a purchase: this ensures that you are getting the highest quality parts available.


          General Repair Advice

          Remember, iPhones are fragile, so taking your time and being careful is essential to making repairs effectively.

          • Do magnetize your screwdrivers before you get started. This will help you avoid losing any small parts while you work.
          • Do keep track of any parts you have while making repairs. Every part is essential to the function of your phone. Making a map of where each part came from can be helpful.
          • Do use your forearms and both hands to stabilize yourself and the phone while working so you do not slip and accidentally damage the phone.

          Any time you are making repairs, don’t use any excess pressure to push or pull any pieces. These phones are very fragile and using too much pressure can make the damage worse.

          If you find a piece is not releasing the way it should, check to make sure you have not missed a screw or connector. Above all, know when you need a professional so you don’t wind up voiding your warranty trying to manage repairs yourself.

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            iPad Mini Features & Review

            Published on April 10, 2013, by + in Blog.

            The iPad Mini has been the source of rumors for a long time. With the device finally out on the market, users are curious to see how this device compares to the rest of the iPad line. While rumors have suggested that the iPad Mini is intended to be considered on its own, it is actually another upgrade to the standard iPad line, offering many of the same perks and technological upgrades you would expect from a standard-sized device.

            iPad Mini Features and ReviewProduct Features

            The iPad Mini includes an up-to-date version of the technology included in a standard iPad.

            • The backlit display and formatting helps ensure that all pages will be easily displayed on the relatively smaller 7.9 inch screen
            • iPhoto and iMovie are included with every iPad Mini, allowing you to shoot pictures and video with HD quality.
            • FaceTime video is installed on every new device.
            • Get a faster Wi-Fi connection with up to 150 mbps, more than any other generation of iPads.
            • Over 300,000 apps are currently compatible with the iPad Mini.
            • The iPad Mini is compatible with Siri, the iOS operating system and the iCloud.

            The iPad mini offers all the technology of an iPad, but in a 7.2 millimeter width. The whole pad only weighs .68 pounds, making it easy to take the iPad Mini out, ‘on the go’.

            What Buyers Like about the Product

            People who invest in the iPad Mini will have a very specific set of needs that this product is intended to address.

            • The iPad Mini easily fits in most cases or purses so it’s easier to carry around
            • You can easily use the processor for 2-3 hours at full power without needing to charge the device.
            • It is easy to use the same apps you use on your other Apple devices on the iPad Mini.

            All the features that customers love about the iPad are readily available on the iPad Mini. People that are already comfortable with the technology will find it easy to transition to the new iPad Mini.

            What Buyers Don’t Like about the Product

            Some features have been removed from the iPad Mini, which users are not thrilled about.

            • There is no Retina Display available for this version of the iPad.
            • Some have noticed that the iPad Mini has a slower processor than the competing iPad 2 or 3.

            With the iPad 2 around and another upgrade around the corner, some people think the $329 price tag is a bit too steep, especially since the iPad 2 was only $399 at the time of its launch.


            Those that think the iPad Mini is simply a scaled down version of the iPad will be pleasantly surprised. The Mini includes the same technology and access to apps that you would have on the traditional iPad so there is very little difference in the functionality of the two models.

            This model is simply intended for those that find the standard iPad too bulky, or those that need a lighter version for superior handling experience.

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              Virgin Mobile- What’s New?

              Published on April 9, 2013, by + in Blog.

              new virgin mobile samsungTo keep more in tune with plans available from competing companies, Virgin Mobile is updating their system to include more data and messaging options for their customers. However, given the upgrades necessary to manage these plans, the types of contracts offered by the company are going to see big changes in 2013.

              The biggest changes customers will see revolves around the Registered Payment Vehicle that is used to top up your account. Customers will need to learn how these changes will impact their account in the coming months to make sure that they do not miss the new pay periods.

              Changes in Service Offerings

              As of December 31, 2012 a number of programs in the Virgin Mobile lineup have been altered or eliminated.

              • The Kickback Bonus Program has been eliminated, but plans to launch an updated version of this program later in the year are underway.
              • Customers may still tip up their phones with a $10 minimum, but the maximum has been updated to $200.
              • Last year customers could not pass a balance threshold of $400, but you will now be able to pass this level. Current limits have not been set yet.

              The biggest changes revolve around the service provider. Pay as you go customers will need to update with at least $90 monthly payments to continue their service.

              Changes for Pay as You Go Customers

              Big changes are in store for people who take part in the pay as you go plans from Virgin Mobile.

              • Those that purchase a plan between May 3 and June 2 will need to purchase an additional message pack on June 3 due to updates to the message pack and data pack add-ons that will take place during this time.
              • Payments of $15 will now only verify your account for 45 days where they previously would have extended your service for 90 days. You will need to pay at least $20 on the Registered Payment Vehicle to extend your service for 90 days.
              • Pay as you go plans will no longer have a cumulative 72-hour period. Now you will need to add a full transaction to your account to extend your service.

              Pay as you go customers will not be able to use the Registered Payment Vehicle to pay for any add-on charges like messaging packs or data packs, nor can they use it to pay for their monthly charges when they need to top up their account.

              Those currently using this system can now choose to update their account every 90 days or every time their cash balance dips to $5 or less. Current customers with Virgin Mobile will need to continue to note updates to the system as they occur throughout the months of May and June. Knowing the changes will help you plan your mobile expenses ahead of time.

              The new MyiPromos addition to our site has a new list of Virgin Mobile promo codes for you to use. Virgin Mobile is really getting there act together, take advantage of the savings while they last.


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                Top 3 iTunes Apps for Your iPhone

                Published on April 8, 2013, by + in Blog.

                With thousands of apps on the market, a lot of what makes the best apps boils down to personal opinion. However, there are a few apps that are considered to have made a name for itself.

                When you are picking out an app for your iPhone, you should look for apps that work with a variety of models so they are guaranteed to be compatible with your phone.

                You should also read reviews to see if the app is known for being glitch-free and easy to use. These apps are more likely to stand the test of time than those that have been ‘haphazardly’ put together.



                PhotoSynth from Microsoft is one of the most popular photography apps, giving you the chance to capture panorama images.

                • PhotoSynth allows you to create interactive panorama images so you can scroll from side to side, up and down or in a full circle.
                • Use the interactive capture to create a seamless panorama image, editing the picture while you film.
                • The system has recently been updated with support for the iPhone 5 and the iOS6.

                Businesses can sync their PhotoSynth account to Bing Maps or their Facebook to showcase their products or location for their customers. You can also email these images or send them to anyone that has a Camera Roll app on their phone.



                While it may seem like very basic file sharing or syncing software, you will probably need Dropbox to manage the rest of the content on your phone.

                • Access all of your documents, photos and videos in one place so you can save them and transfer them to other devices with ease.
                • You can also use Dropbox to save data like photos or videos to your phone.
                • Use Dropbox to create a backup file of important documents so if you lose your iPhone you don’t lose everything that was stored on it.

                With so many people using their iPhone as their primary internet connection, you need to make sure that you have all the tools you need to protect your data. Dropbox is just another tool that allows you to manage your data with ease.


                Making Your Social Media Mobile

                Most popular social media tools have made an app version of their technology designed specifically for iPhone users.

                • The Facebook app has been redesigned to fit the screen size and touch screen technology that the iPhone offers.
                • Skype offers a version of their software on the iPhone so you can video chat without all the fees commonly associated with these programs.
                • Twitter offers Tweetbot, a scaled down version of the classic navigational theme so it’s easy to read on the go.

                In a lot of cases, your iPhone will come with versions of these apps already installed. Linking your account to these apps will make it easy to avoid missing updates on your account when you try to log in on multiple devices.

                The best way to find the best apps for your iPhone is to check out customer reviews for the kinds of apps you are hoping to take advantage of.

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                  Remembering a genius

                  Published on March 31, 2013, by + in Blog.

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                    Why the internet might crash

                    Published on March 20, 2013, by + in Blog.

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